by RAVA Productions. Charlotte's Web is the unlikely friendship between wide-eyed innocent pig Wilbur
and the worldly, wise spider Charlotte.
Our hero, a little pig named Wilbur, braves his new world forming friendships and warming hearts through his
adventures, learning about life and death, miracles, loyalty and trust.
Filled with wide-eyed innocence, Wilbur - the runt of the litter - bonds with the farmer's daughter, growing into a
terrific, radiant little pig. He finds a new home in a barnyard filled with characters, including a gluttonous rat, chatty goose and bleak sheep. Here Wilbur forms an unlikely friendship with Charlotte the spider. Their bond inspires the animals around them to come together as a family. When she gets word that Wilbur's days are numbered, Charlotte hatches a plan spinning her miracle to save his life.
Charlotte's Web is an enchanting children's favourite based on the beloved book by E.B. White.

16/7/21, 1:00 am